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Workshop facilitation

Huckle’s Consulting is a company focused on:

  •  Managing Innovation
  •  Instituting Business Excellence
  •  Improving Marketing & Sales Capabilities

And adds value by:

  •  Listening and understanding your challenges
  •  Working with you ensuring your requirements are met
  •  Using hands on operational & management experience across the Value Chain



Business Line:
+44 (0) 871 662 9275


Huckle’s Consulting Taster:

Since most activities start with an assessment of the current situation, here is an introductory offer:

A full assessment takes about 1 and a half days and requires significant preparation by your organization to address the twelve elements of Marketing & Sales.
We offer a 3 hour introductory program, a cut-down version focusing on some elements only and limited, to give you the feel of the reality of today, highlight some issues you may have and create initial improvement actions.
more on Introductory Taster...

The twelve elements of Marketing & Sales